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The great bake sale

Best recipe book, i’ve got!


Even newbie baker will love this. Its truly THE GREAT, because all of the recipes here are the best. My book got soaked during the flood of 2009 :(, but i still use it even most of the recipes aren’t readable already. ūüėõ I recommend this, its worth your money!

Revel Bar

The all time favorite!


Yield : 25 bars (2.5″x 2.5″)

Use 12×12 square pan

Temperature: 350F


240ml                Condensed milk
270g                   Dark chocolate
2 tbsp                 Butter

2 1/2 cups         All purpose flour
1 tsp                   Baking soda
3 cups                Oatmeal (Rolled or instant will do)

1 cup                  Butter
2 cups                Brown sugar
2 pcs                  Eggs
2 tsp                   Vanilla

*Prepare the square pan by  lightly greasing  it or use parchment paper.

1.) Melt and combine Condensed milk, butter and chocolate together, and set aside.

2.)Sift All purpose flour and baking soda.

3.) Mix Oatmeal to the dry ingredients and set aside.

4.) Using mixer (paddle attachment) or whisk, cream butter and brown sugar til light and add eggs & vanilla.

5.) Mix  dry ingredients to the cream til combine

6.) Divide the dough into 3/4 + 1/4 parts.

7.) Press the 3/4 dough into the pan. make sure to cover every inches of the pan ( So the chocolate wont go through the bottom of the pan)

8.) Pour the chocolate sauce to the pan.

9.) Dot the remaining 1/4 dough on top of the chocolate, as if your making a map ūüôā

10.) Bake for 30-35mins

Best to eat a day older, so the chocolate and the cookie stick together already. Enjoy your goodies!

My little heaven


My first ever cake i made by myself, super fluffy and just the right sweetness. Its a very delicate meringue base cake, that need a gentle hand and right timing on¬†whipping. ūüôā

Use 9″ tube pan ( you can use regular pan, but it need to be taken out as soon as its baked)

Yield = 8 – 10 slices using 9″ pan

Temperature : 350F


1 1/4 cups     Cake flour

1/2 tsp          Table of salt

12 pcs            Egg Whites

1tsp                Cream of tartar

2 tsp               Vanilla extract

1/2 tsp           Almond extract

1.) Sift Cake flour and salt 3x, yup 3x it makes the cake more airy and with this cake you need it airy and stable. Set aside

2.) Whip the Egg white and cream of tartar until bubbly,

3.) Then add the sugar and the extracts and whip it til its stiff peak (making it stable)

4.) transfer the meringue to a wider bowl and fold in the dry ingredients carefully. Dont ever over mix it! (if you want to put fruits or nuts,this is the right time to mix it through folding. Make sure the ingredients are very lite and not wet)

5.) Scoop it carefully to the tube pan and bake for 30 minutes.

Angel food cake is great with Whipped cream frosting! ūüôā Enjoy your goo**dies!

*Photo from pinterest.

Pastry Sheets

Pastry Sheet / pastry puff is the most amazing thing i have learned to make, because you can do a lot of pastry goodies with it.


Yield: a sheet of ¬†25″x 20″

Temperature : 370F


60ml              Warm water
120ml              Warm Milk
2 1/4 tsp         Yeast
1/4 cup            Sugar
1 pc                  Whole Egg

2 1/2 cups       All purpose flour
1 tsp                 Salt
1/2 cup            Cold Butter

1/2 cup            Cold butter (Mold it into a flat 1cm thick square)

1.)Combine Water and Milk, mix in Yeast and Sugar. Set aside and wait for it to bloom

2.) Sift together the All purpose flour and Salt

3.) Use a food processor: mix Dry ingredients with first 1/2 cup of butter till it combine, but still crumbly

Use your hand: using your fingertips, combine dry ingredients to cold butter by rubbing  and coating the butter with flour till it combine to a crumbly mixture

4.) Add egg to wet ingredients

5.) Combine Wet ingredients to Dry and fold till all dry are moistened. Wrap and chill for 6hours to 24hours. ( You can freeze this mixture and last for a month)

6.) Roll the dough into a square and wrap the square butter inside.

7.) Roll the square dough into a letter size paper to length twice til 1/2cm thick (Focus on making it longer not wider)

8.) Fold it into thirds vertically, as if your folding a business letter. Repeat this 3 times. Then wrap and chill for 4hours. (This making layers, the butter will make it flaky and make gorgeous layers)

9.) Roll the dough to whatever size and thickness you need.

10.) Bake for 15-20 mins.


Enjoy your goodies!

Platter of admiration

I’ve been jumping around the corporate world for about 5 years now.On and off to focus with my own business to work as an employee. Major reason was financial capability, not to run the business but to provide personally for my kids. In short, the profit was not enough to cover personal expenses. Yes, I should have looked and get wider and bigger market.But i felt like im running out of time, out of resources,¬† and most of all, out of my families understanding.

But no matter what i do, God seems too sure that i can and need to do this. Even i was employed, my week was never empty of regular clients (shout out to loves!!! i thank you for keeping me running!), i never really stopped.
i prayed and i prayed for guidance on what should i do and finally decided to do it full time.

Again same old risk but now different approach, which I’ve learned from my¬† best employers.

I was really blessed to be part of a company with an awesome entrepreneurs and leaders. They are successful because they know how to take risk at the right time, and have endless innovative ideas.But one thing that inspires me the most is they a have a good family relationship and they are working together.

Ive worked with “Bugong roast chicken” run by Sir Ding and Sir Jerry Erguiza and his son Kevin Erguiza. Whenever im with them personally, you will feel their passion for the business just running through their veins. i love brainstorming product ideas or marketing ideas with Sir Jerry, it was always a blissful moment for me. And of course it all shows to the product. It is indeed the best roast chicken you can find and the creativity of the concept of the company is really good.

I admire the how Sir Jerry raised his kids and how he loves his wife. Running a successful business and having quality time with the family is something i have envied for a long time. Time is always not enough. Looking at them makes me realize, that there is no need to compromise family for work.

I also worked with a family business that is making an empire on a group of restaurants and hospitality services. Whats awesome about them was, they make all employees part of the family. We were a big family in a company and it shows in the culture of everyone. Run by the¬†Wisniewski¬†family, “Raintree” is still blooming with fresh ideas restaurant and rising all over the metro.

i prayed to God to keep me burning with passion, like what my former employers have. And in a simple way, God always makes his opportunity to wake me up with admiration. Through meeting up with new clients who run their own food businesses. Before, i only settled with supplying to schools and the by occasion cakes. But now I’ve decided to penetrate the food industry market such as Restos, catering company and mini hotels.


Every time i talked to the owner, i get inspired. Seeing them running a business and making them happened for real and long time is just awesome. They all started from scratch, a lot of discipline and passion. I meet up with “what i wanted to be when i grow up” every week and I’m not planning to stop. I know it will be tough, but they’re able to, so i know I’m able too.

Doing business at home makes me have more time with my kids. Yes, its crazy sometimes but being there in a simple and important moments of their life is worth giving up what i bargain for. Seeing them having interest on what i do is just heart warming. And my families undying support and understanding is keeping me man up.  Someday and hopefully soon,  i can be what i want to be when i grow up.

Not too Eggciting to crack

Aug.16,2015, i bought an emergency egg (run out of egg at home) at the nearby grocery store (“Welcome” -dont you just love name dropping) in cainta rizal. So i picked up the the good looking bunch of eggs with a SEPT.18,2015 expiration and knowing that’s a branded product, i know it will be 100% fresh effin eggs. As i about to crack open an egg for the chocolate cake mix, (thank you for the brain who¬†thought of ¬†BOWL METHOD!) i notice the egg is super lite. So i smelled the effin egg before i crack it,and it smells like a brand new rubber shoes. I opened 2pcs of it and of course its a goo of spoiled egg. With my dismay i took a picture of it, because its an emergency egg!!!!!! i dont have any spare that i can use for an emergency cake!!! (yes, im bitter about it!) I did open all 6 of it, and ALL OF IT ARE SPOILED!!!! Hello freshness, where the hell is it?

Dear Bounty Fresh! your egg dated a month before expiration is already rotting, i dont know if the tags got mixed up…for the love of all the people who patronized your brand FIX THIS PLEASE… Dont pissed off my emergency egg! :0 not asking for a fresh eggs in return or money back. i already learned my lesson to buy fresh and alot of eggs at the local market ūüôā bought a Hen laying eggs too. Just effin fix this mess.. And please dont use chemicals on your eggs! its clear that it is spoiled but it doesnt smell anything inside, and its scary! stupid people might use and eat it. God put that fart smell on a spoiled goods for a reason! Yes im bitter, again its my emergency egg! Thank you!

For useful information about EGGS! check this out –>¬†http://www.eatbydate.com/eggs-shelf-life-expiration-date/

Spoiled egg with 1mo before the expiration.
Spoiled egg with 1mo before the expiration